UNESCO Education For All (EFA) Country Profile

Ranked 4th out of 28 African countries for which the EFA Development Index is computed, Botswana is well placed to fulfill its international education commitments by 2015. Indeed, universal primary education is virtually a fact, with an enrollment rate of 105% and 95% of school-aged children completing the cycle. Lower secondary enrolment is also high, at 102%, literacy rates are good in regional perspective (95% of youth are literate, against 85% for SSA on average), girls education opportunities are virtually on par with those of boys, and primary survival, that reflects the internal efficiency of the system, stands at a comparatively high 95%. On the downside, only 25.5% of children aged between 3 and 5 are enrolled in preschools and get an early education. Also the cost of education to households is known to be high, access to the upper secondary level is still just 55%, the financing of university grant/loan scheme makes the financing of education overall inequitable, and adult literacy, although above the African average, could be improved.

Source: UNESCO EFA country profile