Involvement of the Roger Federer Foundation

2015 has started a new early childhood education initiative in Nambia, implemented in a consortium by the two local partner organizations Lifeline/Childline and CAFO. The goal is to cultivate a more enabling learning environment for 5600 children in the Regions of Khomas and Hardap, Namibia by complementing national efforts to improve quality of early childhood care and education in Namibia through a holistic and community driven approach. The first phase over three years of the initiative will have a total budget of CHF 750 000 at disposal. It is planned to reach the following achievements:

  • 5,600 children will not only have access to and experience holistic and quality early childhood care, development and education, but are safer, healthier and more resilient.
  • At least 200 ECD centre staff and volunteers have developed higher levels of knowledge and competency through training and ongoing individual and group support, and are providing quality child-centred care, education and support to children in their care.
  • 80% of participating 120 centres have reached minimum Namibian ECD standards as set by MGECW, and have even gone beyond these in terms of quality ECD services. 
  • Centres also show greater awareness for how they can work integrated and develop sustainable strategies for ECD services in their community.  
  • At least 12 Model ECD centres have been identified and helped to develop in one or more particular areas that are key to high quality and sustainable ECD. 
  • 2,800 parents participated in positive parenting courses, and the number of parents actively involved in ECD centres has significantly increased, including parents being involved in CSS Plans. 
  • Community leaders (gatekeepers) are more informed and supportive to the project and ECD in general. Communities participate in dialogue and show support to ECD centres.  
  • Regular stakeholder meetings took place and ideas/strategies for the future of ECD shared and further developed. Areas of collaboration explored and possible agreements entered into. Two (2) national workshops on sharing experiences and best practices have been facilitated.

Our implementing partner Lifeline/Childline and CAFO

LifeLine/ChildLine (LLCL) has been in existence for more than 33 years and is recognized as the leading Child Welfare Civil Society Organisation for children and families in Namibia, with its Head Office in Windhoek, as well as Satellite Offices. All programs for children and families are underpinned by the principles of the best interests of the child, the right of the child to participate in decisions which affect them and are complemented with provision of counselling services. LLCL's portfolio of programs and services for children and families currently comprises a free national child helpline, parenting programs, men care & fatherhood programs, child communication & child participation training, safe community programs or social behavior change communication. 

CAFO is registered as a Trust and Welfare Organisation and has a National Office in Windhoek and a presence in 11 Regions in Namibia. It has been working in the field of orphans and vulnerable children since 2003. The vision of the organization is to see that all children in Namibia have the opportunity, and are empowered to reach their potential. Therefore CAFO builds the capacity of communities, leading to more meaningful, effective and holistic OVC interventions, a transformative social momentum towards self-reliance, thus facilitating continuum of care for all children in Namibia. Furthermore CAFO advocates for the enforcement of national and international applicable policies and laws, to ensure that basic human rights, equal legal & social protection for all children are met. 



Namibia Facts

2.7 Mio
Compulsory education
6-16 years
Enrolment ratio
primary 90%, completion rate 85%
Illiteracy rate
Access to ECD
30% of children

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