Involvement of the Roger Federer Foundation

The Roger Federer Foundation has been partnering with Penreach since 2012. In a first phase, the organisation was implementing a comprehensive basic education programme in the Mpumalanga Province to improve the quality of education in seven early childhood development centres and eight primary schools to give around 12,000 children, particularly girls, a better start in life. The programme was externally evaluated and the assessment explored the extent to which the support and resources contributed towards improved teaching practices and improved literacy and numeracy of foundation phase learners. Overall, the evaluators confirmed the high relevance of the programme. Some components of the interventions were more effective than others: the Girls Club, Youth Facilitators, and the introduction of physical education were the most effective, while the food gardens proved to be least effective.  All aspects struggled with implementation obstacles. Therefore, the Roger Federer Foundation and Penreach decided to change the programme's approach completely for the next phase. 

The goal is to help improve the education system in the Province of Mpumalanga by establishing a role-model approach of training and mentoring that boosts the delivery capacity of school leadership and management in 24 primary schools in the Malelane Circuit of Ehlanzeni District. The Board has approved a total budget of CHF 950,000 for this initiative.

The impact goals are:

  • To improve performance (ANA scores) of 28,000 learners by 7% per annum by the end of 2016 and by 20% by the end of 2020.
  • To reduce grade repetition rates by 60% using 2014 as base year over the duration of the intervention.
  • To reduce school dropout rates by 60% using 2014 as base year over the duration of the intervention.
  • To increase the management and delivery capacity of the school leaders and the authorities and enable them to better develop teachers’ capability.
  • To train and mentor school leaders at their schools.
  • To exchange best practices with colleagues over 2.5 years.
  • To develop teachers in the in-school environment (functionality of the school, teaching/support materials, curriculum coverage, assessment analysis).
  • To provide management and delivery capacity for a school leadership and management intervention for all primary schools, which will result in enhanced learner performance outcomes.
  • To design and successfully implement a school leadership and management transformation programme that will address the circumstances which place schools at risk in terms of instructional ineffectiveness and chronic under-performance of learners.
  • To design and put in place all systems and processes that will enable the Circuit to sustain the gains achieved.
  • To work with the Circuit management to identify and address any obstacles to education improvement in the Circuit.

Our implementing partner Penreach

Penreach is a non-governmental, non-profit Whole School Development Programme established in 1994 by the Penryn Trust in South Africa. Penreach’s mission is to improve teaching and learning in Mpumalanga schools and beyond in a holistic manner, through creation of communities of learning. The program includes the provision of psycho-social support to teachers, orphans and vulnerable children; improving state run feeding schemes; growing vegetable gardens; developing sport and sports facilities; environmental education with a view to turning schools into profit centres through waste management; providing IT training; youth leadership development camps; and administration training. Main impact area is Mpumalanga Province, in the countries’ north, where the need for education interventions is enormous, especially in rural communities.



South Africa Facts

47.2 Mio
Compulsory education
7-16 years
Enrolment ratio
primary 89%, secondary 62%
Illiteracy rate
12% of children under 5 are undernourished

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