Verein Bildungsprojekte Martin Schaer, Malawi

The Verein Bildungsprojekte Martin Schaer („association for education projects Martin Schaer“) has been constructing school buildings in Malawi since 2001. So far 10 schoolhouses for over 2’000 children have been built. There is a severe lack of school buildings in the rural areas of Malawi. Often over 120 children share one single classroom and poorly trained teachers do not know how to actually teach with hardly any educational material at hand. The consequences of these conditions are a poor educational background of many children as well as very high dropout rates, despite 8 years of compulsory primary education.

Involvement of the Roger Federer Foundation

Since 2008, the Roger Federer Foundation has been supporting the construction of the new secondary school campus in Salima, 100km east of the country’s capital, Lilongwe with a total financial contribution of  CHF 168’000 over four years. With this campus the Verein Bildungsprojekte Martin Schaer wants to improve schooling on a secondary school level for financially disadvantaged children. The opening of the school is planned for the summer 2011. The sustainable functioning of the school is guaranteed by school fees of one third of richer pupils. Two third of the pupils will receive free scholarships. For the Roger Federer Foundation the comprehensive schooling approach of Salima is of utmost importance. The school program will aim at supporting the 150 children in building up self-confidence, critical thinking, communication and leadership skills and also offer art, music and sports workshops. The following are the measures taken:

  • Construction of a school with 6 classrooms for 25 children each (ages 12 to 18)
  • Construction of 6 residential buildings for external pupils
  • Construction of 1 workshop-room used for music, theatre and crafts
  • Construction and furnishing of a library, an informatics room and chemical laboratory
  • Construction of a sports compound with soccer, basketball and volleyball fields
  • The employed teachers receive advanced training as well as educational material (e.g. books, maps, games, exercise sheets, etc.)


Malawi Facts

15 Mio
Compulsory education
5-12 years
Enrolment ratio
primary 86%, secondary girls 13%
Illiteracy rate
19% of children under 5 are undernourished

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