26/04/2018Blog on Roger's visit in Zambia by Ina Mozhendi

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How did Ina Mozhendi, our Regional Representative of the Roger Federer Foundation, experience her first fieldtrip with Roger? Read her blog on Roger's visit to Zambia.

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01/07/2017New partnership to promote learning stories

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The Roger Federer Foundation supports the highly recommended method of "learning stories" to be applied in day cares in Switzerland. This approach's focus is on the child's ability to learn and on their strengths rather then results. For more information visit our respective webpage.

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01/05/2017Best month ever for the Foundation's income

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This April was the most successful month in the Foundation's history in terms of income generation. Two terrific Matches for Africa took place in Zurich and in Seattle generating an incredible amount of minimal 3.8 million Swiss Francs. We are grateful for this continuing support of fans, sponsors and ...
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25/03/2017Annual Report 2016 is now available

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Just as we have done every year, we have endeavoured to present our Annual Report as early as possible. It is our aim to report on the developments made in the last calendar year, soon after the year has finished.  To this end it is my great pleasure to inform you of the milestones which the Roger ...
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01/03/2017i-act, our new interactive teaching skills initiative in Zambia

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Today we launched a new initiative called "i-act" in Lusaka, which aims to increase interactive teaching skills of more than 7000 community school teachers through a self-guided course supported by handheld devices. For more information read the article of the Zambia Daily Mail attached or ...
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23/12/2016We welcome a new Board member

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We are in a very fortunate position to announce that Susanna Lemann has accepted our invitation to join our Board. Susanna brings her expertise as an educationalist and her large experience as Trustee of the Lemann Foundation into our organisation. She will certainly add a great value to our Board.

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16/12/2016Foundation Talk Volume I

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The Roger Federer Foundation launches a new series of videos in which Roger speaks about his thoughts on his foundation and its commitment involved. We hope to provide you with insights in our work and approach.

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13/12/2016Switzerland: Call for participation in Primokiz2

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The second phase of the proven Primokiz programme in Switzerland is now open for applications of municipalities, towns or cantons to participate. Get more information about the application process. (only in German)

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15/11/2016New partner in Zambia

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The Roger Federer Foundation strengthens its engagement in Zambia and starts a new partnership with the local non-profit organisation ZOCS. The NGO is a leading organisation in working with community schools and improve their quality. Get more information on the project page.

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30/06/2016Co-sponsorship for the second phase of Primokiz

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June 2016, the Roger Federer Foundation has taken up co-sponsorship of the second phase of the proven Primokiz programme together with the Jacobs Foundation and hereby expanding its activities within Switzerland. The aim of the programme is to support municipalities developing holistic and integral early ...
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