Introductory Note
I learn something new in every training session, but I must admit that there is nothing that really surprises me anymore. In the case of the Roger Federer Foundation this is totally different: why do no more than one-third of all girls in the world have the opportunity to attend fifth grade; why are 16 out of the 20 poorest countries of the world located in Africa and how can we indeed measure poverty?

A lot of books are filled with rather complicated answers to these simple questions. Because we are looking for indicators that help us invest our resources where they are needed most and where they will have a lasting effect, we have decided to work with dpa-Infografik. They produce graphics explaining these complicated topics in a simple and graspable way. We will periodically make these graphics available here on our website.

I hope you can use these graphics as a source for reflection and learning.

Roger Federer 

These graphics are not intended for publishing. If you would like to use them in a publication - against a fee - please contact; phone: +49 40 - 41 13 3 29 40.

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Pre-Primary education in Southern Africa

Adult literacy rate in Southern Africa

Primary education enrollment in Southern Africa

Repetition rates


Drop-out rate primary school

Survival rate until last grade of primary school in Southern Africa

Participation Rate One Year Before Primary Education

International Aid to Education