The new strategy of the Roger Federer Foundation starting 2019 focuses on the crucial moment of children's transition from preschool (early childhood education) to primary school. Therefore, we have compiled a list of articles and papers that give interesting insights into this field. The studies take different approaches to and discuss various aspects of this wide-ranging topic. New documents will be added regularly.

Global Report: A World Ready to Learn - Prioritizing quality early childhood education

The report states Children between the ages of 3 and 6 might seem like they are only just beginning life’s journey. But in fact, more than 85 per cent of their brain development is already nearly in place. The evidence contained in this report shows that quality early childhood education – preschool – helps place this cycle in motion. By the time a child enters grade one, the foundations for success are already in place.

A World Ready to Learn

Position Paper "Reimagining School Readiness"

The paper states that positive early learning experiences carry a predictive power that wire children's brains for the deep conceptual thinking and sustained interest, curiosity, and persistence they will need throughout their lives. Based on a comprehensive review of cognitive and developmental psychology literature the paper aims to surface the skills and conditions that matter most for a child's success in school and life.

Reimagining School Readiness

Report: "School Transition and School Readiness: An Outcome of Early Childhood Development"

How do teachers and parents define readiness? What are the cognitive, social, self-regulatory and chronological makers of school readiness? What are the child-care and home contexts associated with school readiness? These questions form the basis of this brief report that summarizes evidence on school transition and readiness with the goal of describing stakeholder's definitions of readiness, charactersitics of child readiness, and readiness as an outcome of early childhood experiences.

School Transition and School Readiness: An Outcome of Early Childhood Development

Article: "The Transition to Kindergarten: Predicting Socio-Behavioral Outcomes for Children With and Without Disabilities"

Using data of reports that examined parents, preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers to analyse child behavior and involvement in kindergarten transition practices across three time points during transition, this article explores predictors of socio-behavioral kindergarten outcomes in children with and without developmental disablities.

The Transition to Kindergarten