English Teacher Association Switzerland, Zimbabwe

ETAS is an association of English teachers from Switzerland which serves the purpose of exchanging information and mutual aid, and as a mouthpiece. A philanthropic teacher-for-teacher project was established in 2007. This started punctually with a primary school (Matopo Primary School) and was expanded from 2010 in five further primary schools and two secondary schools in the region of Matopo, 50km to the south of the town of Bulawayo. Once upon a time, Zimbabwe had one of the best educational systems in Africa: however, the economic collapse and the political instability drove many teachers from the country. This resulted in the closure of schools, or in their totally inadequate quality. Thanks to ETAS, the running and the quality can be maintained in the Matopo region. The schools are provided with the essentials: uniforms, text books, material and further vocational training for teachers.


Involvement of the Roger Federer Foundation

Since the end of 2009, the Roger Federer Foundation has been supporting the teacher-for-teacher project by ETAS with an annual sum of CHF 80,000 for a period of three years. With this, the expansion of the successful example of Matopo Primary School is being financed at eight other schools in the region. The following are the measures taken:

  • Improvement to the infrastructure of the, in total eight, schools
  • Further training for 64 teachers as well as in the quality of the education of around 2,000 children in the region of Matopo
  • Construction of and repairs to classrooms in the six primary and two secondary schools
  • Construction of toilets and sanitary facilities for all children attending the eight schools
  • Provision of materials for the classrooms, text books and educational documentation for the teachers
  • Establishment of an association for ecological awareness in order to teach children to treat the environment with respect


Zimbabwe Facts

<div>Population</div>12 Mio
<div>Compulsory education</div>6-13 years
<div>Enrolment ratio</div>52%
<div>Illiteracy rate</div>10%
<div>Nutrition</div>17% of children under 5 are undernourished

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