Offer Children a Good Start in Education

Since May 2020, the Roger Federer Foundation has been active in Malawi with the School Readiness Initiative. The initiative aims to secure a good start into primary education for vulnerable children by providing access to quality pre-primary schooling. School readiness refers to the skills, knowledge and attitudes, and other competencies required for children to succeed in school or for later learning and life. It means that the children are ready for school, families are ready to support their children's learning and schools are ready for children.

The School Readiness Initiative understands school readiness as a transition time requiring an interface between individuals, families and systems. The aim is to stimulate community strength to support early childhood education programs to ensure school and children's readiness for the first grade. The School Readiness Initiative will reach at least 339'000 vulnerable children in 2,500 Community Based Child Care Centers.  Additionally, 5,000 pre-primary class caregivers and 500 Standard 1 (primary) teachers will benefit from the capacity building through Early Learning Kiosk. The idea is to ensure a smooth handover of children from pre-primary school centres to Standard 1.

The board has approved a budget of USD 10,500,000 for the initiative. Its main impact objectives are:

  • Establishment of a child development monitoring system at pre-primary age
  • Increase in children participating in organized learning at least one year before transitioning into Standard 1
  • Increase in children who are developmentally on track at Standard 1 entrance age
  • Decrease of repetitions and drop-outs in Standards 1 and 2

Our Implementing Partners

We work with the following entrusted local non-profit organsiations in a long-term partnership in order to implement the School Readiness Initiative:

Action Aid Malawi

Association of Early Childhood Development in Malawi

Early Childhood Development Coalition Malawi

CCAP Synod of Livingstonia