Involvement of the Roger Federer Foundation

In order to increase its outreach to community schools in Zambia the Roger Federer Foundation has started an additional partnership with the local non-profit organisation ZOCS November 2016. The objectives and the approach are comparable with our other two programs in Zambia with small differences. But ZOCS will cover a new region of two districts in the Southern Province as well as one district in the Central Province. The program is aimed at addressing observed gaps in the provision of quality and inclusive education in rural community schools. For the three years starting period the Board has approved a total budget of CHF 600,000 what will enable ZOCS:

  • To improve learning outcomes for 25,000 children living in neglected areas, especially orphans and vulnerable children, girls and children with special education needs in community schools.
  • To increase the quality of learning in 100 community schools by rolling-out pedagogical skills in basic Primary and preschool teaching and establishing a mentorship support system among volunteering teachers.
  • To stimulate community ownership and seek to improve child protection, teaching practices, the safety and security of the learning environment and to strengthen the role of parents in their children’s education, through support to school projects.
  • To increase access to quality early learning services by facilitating the construction of 100 low cost preschool structures and safe and age appropriate 100 play parks using local resources including toilets for the learners.
  • To strengthen leadership and governance of community schools in the three districts by facilitating the formation of student councils, training of parents and school committees in school governance and leadership and stimulating the formation of "Community Action Groups" in the schools.

Our implementing partner ZOCS

Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) is a Zambian Non-Government Organization (NGO) established in 1992. ZOCS started its work with 48 girls learning under a tree in Misisi compound in Lusaka and has established itself as one of the leading organization in the country for the promotion of the right to education of orphans and vulnerable children. Since the humble beginnings, the organization has grown to support 524 community schools in 43 districts across 10 provinces of Zambia reaching out to 117,000 learners by 2015. ZOCS has created opportunities for learners to access quality and inclusive education by advocating for increased Government support to community schools, service provision to improve learning conditions, building capacity of volunteer teachers and parent community school committees to effectively manage community schools.



Zambia Facts

13.5 Mio
Community schools
ECD enrolment in rural areas
Children stunting malnutrition
1 Mio
Orphans under 15 years
1.2 Mio

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