Involvement of the Roger Federer Foundation

In 2014, the Roger Federer Foundation and Child Protection Society have launched a new programme for early learning in Matabeleland North and South. The aim is to facilitate school entry for children aged between four and six by sustainably improving the quality of care and education in pre-schools. The programme was implemented in collaboration with three local, community-based organisations, Uluntu Community Foundation, United Children of Africa, and Christian Youth Volunteers Association Trust. 

For Phase I, which lasted until 2017, a total grant of CHF 680,000 was approved. It aimed at reaching 80 community-based pre-schools and thus facilitating school entry for around 12,000 children. The partnership proved to be fruitful, trustful and reliable. This first phase was externally evaluated and CPS achieved 100% of the agreed targets within the planned period with good or very good results, of which some should be highlighted here:

  • Enrolment of children in pre-schools increased by more than 300%, rising from 2,895 children in 2014 to 11,632 children in 2016 (93% of all children were attending pre-school in 2016). This increase is mainly due to improved learning and play facilities.
  • Attendance rate was equally high: above 85%.
  • With a strong involvement of the communities, 80 pre-schools have been renovated or newly constructed.
  • There was a profound effect in terms of community involvement and ownership building: the community contributed almost 50% (more than USD 60,000!) of the total cost of renovation and construction work done – and this in one of the poorest regions of the world.
  • The introduction of school meals had a positive impact: 70% of the children who underwent health assessments had significantly gained weight, averaging about 1.5 kg each.
  • There is room for improvement in the monitoring system, and we need a stronger stake in district government. Furthermore, the organization of birth certificates was more difficult than expected and thus the targets not met. Birth certificates are a precondition for primary school enrolment.

Based on the learnings and results of Phase I, a second phase, which started in 2017, will run until 2019. The total grant of CHF 910,000 targets at 85 new communities in Hwange, Lupane, and Gwanda North Districts. The objectives of this second phase are the following:

  • To improve pre-schools learning environment for 8,500 children aged four to six in Matabeleland North and South Province.
  • To increase attendance to 80% for children in 85 pre-school centres in Matabeleland North and South Province.
  • To increase awareness of school readiness among school authorities and teaching staff in 85 pre-school centres in Matabeleland North and South Province.

Our implementing partner Child Protecion Society

The Child Protection Society (CPS) is a registered national Non-Government Organization (NGO) established in 1952. The organization promotes and protects the welfare and well being of orphaned and vulnerable children. The organisation has three main departments namely Advocacy, Community based Child Care Programme (CBCCP) and the Chinyaradzo children’s home. Services offered by these departments include social protection, Early Childhood Development (ECD), short term institutional care, Reunification and Community Reintegration for children in institutions.  CPS believes in a family centred approach and working with communities. In this spirit CPS is not implementing programs in the regions on its own but is collaborating with local Community based Organisations (CBOs) in many provinces of Zimbabwe. 

Child Protection Society


Zimbabwe Facts

12 Mio
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6-13 years
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Illiteracy rate
17% of children under 5 are undernourished

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