Involvement of the Roger Federer Foundation

With regard to Early Childhood Education (ECD), Zimbabwe and its government are very advanced in their political process and has declared ECD compulsory since 2014. Nevertheless, it is still missing the resources and teachers to guarantee effective early learning. The main aim of the school readiness initiative of the Roger Federer Foundation starting in May 2019, is to provide vulnerable children with a good start into primary education due to access to quality ECD A and B. The Roger Federer Foundation will target the most vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe and 1500 P3 primary in 30 rural districts schools whose poverty prevalence rate is 65% and above. A total of 200,000 children, 4000 ECD A and B teachers, 200,000 parents will benefit from the interventions of the program.

The board has approved a budget of CHF 8,400,000 for the initiative. The program's impact objectives are the following:

  • Enhancing the consistent use of a continuous assessment on child development at pre-primary age
  • Increase in children participating in organised learning before transitioning into Grade 1
  • Increase in children who are developmentally on track at Grade 1 entrance age
  • A decrease in repetitions and drop-outs in Grade 1 and 2

The outcome objectives are:

  • Establishing processes of joint responsibility for early learners among all relevant stakeholders such as ECD teachers, Teachers in Charge, parents, communities, School Development Committees, ECD trainers, Rural District Councils and District and Provincial Education Officers and decision makers on a national level to secure children’s good start in formal education
  • To enhance the capacity of parents to engage in their children’s development and preschool education at home as well as with ECD teachers and contribute actively to a smooth transition from home through to primary school
  • Establishing a Early Learning Fund to generate income for further investments in early learning by providing a start-up grant and building the capacity of School Development Committees in financial management and income generation
  • Enhance the capacity of ECD teachers due to a user-friendly tablet-based Continuous Child Assessment Tool for ECD teachers to monitor children’s development

Our implementing partners


CAMFED has been working to eradicate rural poverty, AIDS and girls exclusion from education in Zimbabwe for almost 25 years. CAMFED is exemplary in its incorporation in the local community, employing a holistic, community-led model that sees ownership of interventions placed in the hands of local communities and district stakeholders. CAMFED will be responsible for implementing the School Readiness Initiative on the school level in 2/3 of the schools.


Child Protection Society (CPS)

CPS is a registered national Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 1952. The organisation promotes and protects the welfare and well-being of orphans and vulnerable children. Services offered by these departments include social protection, Early Childhood Development (ECD), health and so forth. CPS believes in a family-centred approach to community work. The organisation’s partnership with the Roger Federer Foundation started in 2014. CPS will be responsible for implementing the School Readiness Initiative on the school level in 1/3 of the schools.


Municipal Development Partnership (MDP)

MDP was established in 1991 and is registered as a Private and Voluntary Organization (PVO) in Zimbabwe. It was established as a multi-year partnership between local governments, associated instructions and multilateral donors to support the process of decentralisation in Eastern and Southern Africa. Their focus is to strengthen the capacity of local authorities in Zimbabwe. Their focus will lie on the capacity building of Rural District Councils.

Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA)

ZINECDA is a national umbrella body working in partnership to influence policies, legislation, programs and practices related to Early Childhood Development (ECD) by sharing information on experiences and generating knowledge and understanding on ECD. ZINECDA is our implemented partner for the national advocacy campaign.





Zimbabwe Facts

12 Mio
Compulsory education
6-13 years
Enrolment ratio
Illiteracy rate
17% of children under 5 are undernourished

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