Involvement of the Roger Federer Foundation

Since September 2018, the Roger Federer Foundation has been supporting the FOSSA program for self-regulation in schools and families. In Switzerland, depending on the Canton, 5- 35 % of children from one grade are not ready for school. This can lead to children repeating nursery or being assigned to an entry-level class. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that there has been an increase in socially disadvantaged children over the last 20 years. The studies emphasise the strong influence of early childhood developments and family support on the well-being of children. As a result, an intervention study will be implemented in selected nurseries to promote children with behavioural problems from stressed families. The intervention model will be applied using firstly, further training for teachers and secondly, a home visit program to encourage the self-regulation of disadvantaged or neglected children after school. The target group of this intervention consists of 240 children at nursery and primary level. The children have significant social impairments and are selected by their teachers The programme will run for three years, with a budget of CHF 50,000 for this purpose. The project examines whether children and their school path are at risk and tries to promote their self-development. It contributes to the fact that all children, also socially disadvantaged ones from burdened families, grow up under favourable conditions and integrate themselves in the society. The program comprises the following measures:

  • Advice/qualification of the main caregiver of the child: Advice and exercises to improve central educational skills
  • Direct promotion of the child: stimulating tasks to learn new strategies for emotional regulation
  • Networking and cooperation with the school: Identifying and using important resources in the family environment

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW

The FHNW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland, and the project coordinators operate from the Research Centre for Learning and Socialisation ( This research centre belongs to the University of Education FHNW and carries out research and development projects on current educational issues, in particular, the promotion of children with social disabilities at school..



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