Involvement of the Roger Federer Foundation

The partnership between the Roger Federer Foundation and Winter Aid commences in January 2012. In this context a new aid programme for underprivileged children in Switzerland has been set up. This programme provides recreational activities that promote social integration and development, which would otherwise be impossible due to the lack of funds. The initiative counteracts the social isolation of children affected by poverty. Each activity is individually adjusted to the child’s needs and intends to do both, strengthen his/her personality and contribute to his/her development and social integration. The programme’s yearly total volume is over 400,000 CHF. Half of this amount is financed by Winter Aid itself. The following prerequisites are tied to a grant:

  • The target group are children from families that are proven not to have the financial means for extracurricular activities to further the development of their children. The calculations are based on the “SKOS guidelines” of Winter Aid.
  • The applications are exclusively accepted and processed by Winter Aid. The association clarifies centrally whether other institutions could or should provide the assistance.
  • Currently there are 675 children supported by the fund. In general, the assistance commences at primary school age. It is intended that the aid programme is equally spread across the whole of Switzerland.
  • For example, costs for children’s camps, club memberships, or expenses for lessons are covered. The acquisition of necessary aids is also supported.
  • Only one recreational activity per person is granted, but Winter Aid strives to supervise the activity over several years to ensure that the development is sustainable.
  • The families are required to contribute personally. This can be in the form of either financial contribution or personal involvement.

Article on Roger's visit of a Winterhilfe family (

  • Each year, after an assessment of the outcome, it is decided whether the continuation of the assistance is worthwhile. Social integration and the individuals' positive development are the declared goals of the assistance.  

Our implementing partner Winter Aid

Winter Aid Switzerland is a non-governmental, Swiss non-profit organisation which was founded 75 years ago. Winter Aid has been assisting people in Switzerland who live in the most modest of circumstances since 1936, the time of the big global economic crisis. The association assists throughout the year as difficult situations know no seasons, and it strives to alleviate the effects of poverty. Winter Aid steps in in cases where assistance cannot be claimed or is not sufficient. The organization assists with selective financial contributions, shopping vouchers, non-cash benefits such as beds, clothes, shoes, sewing machines, with holiday grants or counselling and information on further options for assistance.



Facts Switzerland

8 Mio
Compulsory education
6-15 years
Enrolment ratio
Compulsory education 99.5%
Functional illiteracy rate
Children affected by poverty

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