Launch of Comprehensive Early Childhood Development Project in Malawi

Together with the Honorable Minister for Gender, Children and Community Development, Theresa Gloria Mwale, the Roger Federer Foundation and Action Aid International Malawi formally launched the comprehensive early childhood project at the Cresta Cross Roads Hotel in Lilongwe which started in May 2011 and presented the results of the conducted baseline study. The ten year program, aimed at 4-6 year olds, will build 80 community based childcare centres in six districts across Malawi.  Each centre will be equipped with classrooms, education supplies, play areas and will provide a nutritious meal to every child in attendance. The centres will also host community gardens that will grow vegetables such as maize, cassava and beans for the children and their communities.  All centres will be supported by small business initiatives to help generate income for the day to day running of the centres.In addition to childcare centres, the project will reach out to surrounding villages, to raise awareness of the importance of sending children, especially girls, to school.  The centres will work closely with parents and local village leaders to ensure they are at the heart of the community. A number of volunteers at the centres will be chosen by the local community.

The committed budget of the program for the first phase, 2011 - 14 is around USD 3.3 million. The initiative became possible thanks to our long-term partner Credit Suisse.