Roger meets children supported by Winterhilfe

Roger visited the LINDT Chocolateria in Kilchberg close to Zurich today where he enjoyed the opportunity to make an own chocolate creation together with a group of children.

 In 2011, the Roger Federer Foundation and Lindt & Sprüngli committed to supporting a special programme of Winter Aid Switzerland with a total of 400’000 Swiss francs in equal parts over a period of five years. The programme helps underprivileged children in Switzerland.

 "As a father of two little children, I experience on a day-to-day basis how important it is to support them in all possible ways. That is why I take particular personal interest in getting involved with underprivileged children here in Switzerland, too. It was great fun spending an exciting day at the LINDT Chocolateria together with the kids we support through the programme of Winter Aid," Roger said during his visit.

 Find out more about the program here.