New annual report for 2015

It is our pleasure to publish our annual report for 2015. After 5 issues we felt it was time for a change, just as our Foundation has continually changed and improved over the past few years. Not only do we now have more partners and programmes, we have also increased the scope and quality of our commitment and dedication to the Foundation. 

In our previous reports, we have summarised each of our programmes on one page respectively. However these programmes have now become too large and complex to compress onto one short page. This is why we picked three programmes for this issue and dedicated six pages each of these in our review. Furthermore for the first time ever, we have not only produced a financial report for last year, but we are also providing all expenses to date per partner. After all, in a Foundation like ours, it is the final cost of a programme which is relevant, much more than the annual expenses. 

Thank you very much for your interest and your support. We really appreciate it very much.